Debt recovery principles

Fector`s debt recovery collection is based on the principle that is necessary for the creation of a personal and direct contact with the debtor. Practice shows, that sending a written request or giving a call to the debtor, is often not sufficient method to recover the debt. More effective is the meeting, and  eye-to-eye conversation about paying the debt. Therefore for faster and better results in their work, Fector AS is trying to be in direct contact with the  debtor, rather than merely relying on a claim of letters and phone calls to success.

Costumer reports.

Of course, for every client is important the information about his or her claims for recovery of stroke and Fector AS therefore offers its customers the opportunity to get the necessary information in a manner and time as the client wishes. The customer has the opportunity to become your personal advisor an oral report at any time, because Fector advisors are always available for their clients. Also, the customer has the option to receive a written (by post or by e-mail) report. This is available for a certain period of time corresponding request thereafter. The client always receives a written report, as it appears, that the recovery procedure is not able to satisfy customer’s requirement. In this case, the collection include the professional estimate if it would be useful to turn to the requirement of a court, or should be a requirement to bear a loss.
This communication provides an overview of ongoing client’s requirements and the progress of the recovery process, and ensures our client’s confidential relationship with Fector AS.


The team of Fector AS considers smart to use bankruptcy proceedings in co-existing of following circumstances:

• Debt is a legally distinct and can not be disputed, nor any of the pledge
• The debtor has property
• The debtor has no economic activity or it subsiding for different reasons

Fector AS analyzes whether the claim submitted by the customer meets the above mentioned conditions. If so, Fector AS makes the client then a written proposal to the bankruptcy proceedings. Cover the costs of bankruptcy proceedings shall be agreed with the client separately. Account should be sure to include the cost of the interim trustee to be transferred to a trust account for the court. Fector AS represents the client in a creditors’ general meeting in a case of a declaration of bankruptcy,

The action procedure

Fector AS Client makes a proposal for the initiation of the proceedings conducted in the following cases:

• Representatives of the debtor or the debtor fraudulently keep aside arrears
• It is known that the company’s activities are not dulled
• The debtor does not pay the debt, because it considers the claim against him is legally unfounded
• Payables are too small to initiate bankruptcy proceedings.

Fector AS draws up the application. It is always presented to client before court. The costs must be paid in advance.

Liquidation proceeding

In a liquidation proceeding Fector AS takes care that all the client`s interests would be followed.

Enforcement Proceedings

If the customer has the force of res judicata in its favor, or other arrangement providing for the initiation of enforcement proceedings, AS Fector cares for the fact that all the necessary documents to be submitted to the executive officer as soon as possible. Fector AS  keeps constantly in touch with client and reports periodically what is happening in the enforcement procedure.


Credit monitoring is one of the services offered by Fector AS to help our customers to avoid the formation of chronic debtors in their client program.


• Your company’s accountant, sales representative, or employee on any other position to whom you have given the key responsibilities which also involve dealing with the debtors, is not possible to focus only on the debtor customers and observe the payment deadlines. An additional task could easily make suffer some more productive segment of work (eg active sales), or in the worst case, a good customer relationship.
• In light of the importance of each customer in your company, Fector AS is dealing with credit monitoring on behalf of your company. Your debtor customers will be dealt with in a professional, diplomatic persistence and proficient communication skills.
• The most efficient outcome is provided by the immediate addressing to the debtors with minimum of overdue. Using Credit Monitoring Service excludes increase of the debt in the bud.

If you trust your customers, and customer delays payment of credit, making your company’s financial flow instability, we recommend that you use it to stabilize credit monitoring service offered by Fector AS.
Cost of service is determined for each project individually, taking into account the volume of work. The minimum length of the project is three (one) calendar month.

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